“Dimensions” – Paintings and ceramics by Paolo Pastorino and Adamo Monteleone

“Dimensioni” (Technological and Surreal) is the title of the exhibition of paintings and ceramics by Paolo Pastorino and Adamo Monteleone which will be held from Saturday 3 August to Saturday 18 August from 6 to 10.30 pm (or by appointment at number 3386127404) at the Circolo degli Artists in Albissola Marina. Pastorino proposes a suggestive […]

At the Italian ArtBattle final in Genoa also the Savonese artist Pastorino

Savona. This Saturday the final of the first official Italian artistic competition of “ART Battle” took place in the prestigious premises of the Genoese club “Casa Mia”, which also saw the participation of the Savonese artist Paolo Pastorino. The event, born in Canada and promoted in Italy thanks to the event manager Cristina Sanfelice, saw […]

The capital of ceramics celebrates the Pastorino family

Vernissage in the ancient Alba Docilia furnace of the historical exhibition “From father to son” The capital of ceramics celebrates one of the great families who wrote its history. Today, in the ancient Alba Docilia furnace, the exhibition “From father to son – Le Ceramiche Pastorino”, curated by Enrica Noceto, will be inaugurated. And it […]

Ceramiche Pastorino, 75 candles The art handed down from father to son

“From father to son — Le Ceramiche Pastorino” is the exhibition that opens 2019 at the Furnace Alba Docilia, in the historic center of Albissola Marina. The exhibition will be inaugurated tomorrow (at 5.30 pm) and continues until Sunday 17 February. journey of a family (Mario, Mirella and Paolo Pastorino) protagonist in the world of […]

“Osvaldo landing on Celle”: Paolo Pastorino’s funny bunny in a ceramic exhibition

Ligurian cells. From Saturday 22 to Sunday 30 May the Civic Library “Pietro Costa”, in Lungomare Carlo Russo 1, hosts the personal exhibition of the Albisolese artist Paolo Pastorino “Osvaldo landing on Celle”. Son of art, Pastorino seems to have a particular, exclusive familiarity with ceramics, so as to treat it like stone or metal […]

Albisola’s gift to lovers is called Osvaldo

Piazza Dante Alighieri, showcase on Albisola Superiore, gets a makeover for Valentine’s Day. Ceramics will be the protagonist with the initiative ‘Osvaldo and urban art in Albisola’ by the artist-designer Paolo Pastorino. From February 14th, the clearing overlooking Corso Ferrari will in fact be populated by colorful characters from the ‘Osvaldo’ series, which is inspired […]

Osvaldo and urban art in Albisola for an unforgettable day

A dive into the world of art to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The two Albisoles will host various initiatives tomorrow in view of the day of lovers. In Albisola Superiore, after Paolo Anseimo’s fish, the restyling of Piazza Dante continues with the works of the artist Paolo Pastorino, who has recently been making bunnies which are […]