Osvaldo and urban art in Albisola for an unforgettable day

A dive into the world of art to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The two Albisoles will host various initiatives tomorrow in view of the day of lovers. In Albisola Superiore, after Paolo Anseimo’s fish, the restyling of Piazza Dante continues with the works of the artist Paolo Pastorino, who has recently been making bunnies which are […]

Carnival ceramics at the Makeup museum Reload opens in Pozzo Garitta

A double appointment rekindles the spotlight on Albisola art. This afternoon at 5pm two exhibitions will be inaugurated at the same time, one in Albissola Marina and one in Albisola Superiore. The Circolo degli Artisti, in the magical setting of Pozzo Garitta, hosts the exhibition “Reload” curated by Paola Gargiulo with the works of the […]

Albisola: here is Osvaldo, the “urban toy”

Albisola Superiore – Ceramic bunnies of all colors and sizes, but with a single name: Osvaldo. A surprise that since yesterday, Monday 14 February, has been embellishing the recently renovated flowerbeds of Piazza Dante Alighieri. Valentine’s Day, the day chosen by the administration of Albisola Superiore to inaugurate the artistic installation curated by the Albisola ceramist […]

The “Urbantoi” by Paolo Pastorino arrive in Albisola

Albisola Superiore. Piazza Dante Alighieri in Albisola celebrates the feast of lovers with the works of Paolo Pastorino. “Osvaldo and urban art in Albisola”, this is the title of the open-air exhibition organized by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Albisola Superiore which will open on Monday 14 February at 4 pm. Paolo […]

Albissola, the “Looking for Frida” charity exhibition inaugurated

“Looking for Frida”, a collective exhibition for charity (the proceeds from the sales of the works made available by the artists will go directly to the Alda Merini anti-violence desk) as part of an event wanted by the municipality as a sign of rebirth. The exhibition was inaugurated on Sunday 3 April at 3 pm […]

Paolo Pastorino, between technique and tradition…

Paolo Pastorino was born in Savona, son of art, he soon approaches the world of painting and ceramics.. Much of his artistic training is linked to the years spent in the family art ceramics factory, where he comes into contact with masters such as Luigi Valerisce .. Let’s get to know him better through his […]

Ceramics in the spotlight in Savona and Albissola.

Another weekend with art in the spotlight arrives. Today at 6:30 PM at the “GulliArte” gallery on Corso Italia in Savona, the exhibition of artist Antonio Quattrini will be inaugurated, while at Kelyfos Art&Design Gallery on Via Isola in Albissola at 6 PM, “Bang bangboom: ceramics in pop”, a three-person exhibition by Gianluca Cutrupi, Paolo […]