CAZZIMMA alert: Cupydo and Pastorino infect Albisola

The unstoppable number of infections that the “cazzimma” is causing in a large part of northern Italy seems to be unstoppable.
Milan, Brescia, Monza, Bergamo, before stopping in Genoa and finally Savona, more precisely in Albisola Superiore, a city which together with Albissola Marina is known for the production of ceramics.
The key figure in this adventure is certainly the artist Paolo Pastorino who, as a child, approached the world of painting and ceramics in his family’s art ceramics factory, which over the years led him to achieve increasingly ambitious artistic goals.
Paolo Pastorino who in the artistic panorama is better known by the nickname Urbantoi together with the already well-known artist Cupydo with an unknown identity but recognizable by his unmistakable yellow balaclava, have formed a strong artistic friendship which has led them to collaborate in this compelling project entitled ” FUCK OSVALDO” the rabbit hole.
A collaboration that sees the main works of the two artists as protagonists: the provocative CAZZIMMA by Cupydo and the unmistakable OSVALDO by Pastorino.
Where the “cazzimma” of the masked artist acts as a real frame (or for the more imaginative) “lair” for Urbantoi’s Osvaldo which refers to the famous and iconic White Rabbit from the animated film “Alice in Wonderland” .
Luxury, elegance, creativity and passion come together in a single work with strong contemporary Pop connotations, which have led it, since its presentation on 23 October in Pastorino’s art studio in via San Pietro n.130, to be appreciated by the public of collectors and art enthusiasts and above all by the main Italian galleries, some of which were quick to reserve a piece to display in their spaces, as the two artists revealed on their social stories.
The CAZZIMMA OSVALDO collection is certainly destined not to go unnoticed in the contemporary artistic panorama, always attentive to the new intuitions of emerging artists who, with their ingenuity and creativity, all have a common goal: to amaze.