“Dimensions” – Paintings and ceramics by Paolo Pastorino and Adamo Monteleone

“Dimensioni” (Technological and Surreal) is the title of the exhibition of paintings and ceramics by Paolo Pastorino and Adamo Monteleone which will be held from Saturday 3 August to Saturday 18 August from 6 to 10.30 pm (or by appointment at number 3386127404) at the Circolo degli Artists in Albissola Marina.

Pastorino proposes a suggestive reference to the image of electronic components of the 80s, Monteleone to large canvases and a landscape painting with an original figurative setting in the name of light.

Paolo Pastorino was born in Savona on August 12, 1974, where he lives and works as a computer entrepreneur and artist designer. Son of a painter mother and a ceramist father, since he was a child he showed his passion and curiosity for drawing, painting and ceramic sculpture: at the age of three he created his first sculpture in clay. His artistic training takes shape in the family art ceramics factory in Albisola Superiore.

Here, from an early age, he was able to frequent, with passion and an insatiable desire to learn, the artists that his father hosted in the factory (Antonio Saba Telli, Antonio Siri, Mario Rossello, Giorgio Laveri, Aldo Pagliaro, Luigi Valerisce, Paolo Anselmo, Eliseo Salino , Carlos Carlè, Giorgio Venturino just to name a few). This environment full of creative stimuli in direct contact with the master artists will contribute significantly to his training and artistic expression.

Adamo Monteleone (Bosisio Parini 1971), self-taught, has dedicated himself to drawing since his adolescence. Curious to delve into the history of art and pictorial techniques, in the early 1990s he began a series of personal and group exhibitions, first in the municipalities bordering his residence and, subsequently, in Milan and Lombardy. After a few years of figurative expression, moving to Liguria in the early 2000s, he oriented towards informal experimentation.

He has recently been oriented towards a series of works that lend themselves to both figurative and informal reading, finding in his new “period” the further elements of study to design his future. In recent times he has approached the “colony” of artists who still characterize Albisola and Savona, developing a passion for ceramic manufacturing and sculpture.