In Albisola, Santa Claus arrives in Dante Square and meets Paolo Pastorino, an artist from Osvaldo.

Albisola Superiore. The most magical night of the year is approaching and the city is hosting Christmas events, organized by the Culture Department: on Friday 16th, at 4:30 PM, Santa Claus himself will arrive in Dante Square to receive the children’s letters in a joyous and festive atmosphere. But the surprises don’t end there: Santa Claus will meet the artist Paolo Pastorino, who with his Osvaldo ceramic figures has contributed to the restyling of the same square.

Paolo Pastorino, born in 1974 in Savona, is the son of artists (with a painter mother, a ceramicist father, and an aunt who is a figurative art teacher). He grew up in the family’s ceramic factory in Albisola Superiore, where he had the opportunity to meet artists that his father hosted in the workshop (such as Antonio Saba Telli, Antonio Siri, Mario Rossello, Giorgio Laveri, Aldo Pagliaro, Luigi Valerisce, Paolo Anselmo, Eliseo Salino, Carlos Carlè, Giorgio Venturino, to name a few).

For some time now, the artist has been committed to creating and disseminating his art internationally and with an eye to new artistic trends. In Dante Square, the artist will install the Osvaldo, the large, charming urban art rabbits, positioning them on the flowerbeds next to the fountain. Pastorino’s art includes a project of his own called “Urbantoi”, a union of two artistic movements: on the one hand, Urban Art, which closely follows Street Art; on the other, the innovative “Toy Art”, born in Japan and spreading to America and France before arriving in Italy.