“Osvaldo landing on Celle”: Paolo Pastorino’s funny bunny in a ceramic exhibition

Ligurian cells. From Saturday 22 to Sunday 30 May the Civic Library “Pietro Costa”, in Lungomare Carlo Russo 1, hosts the personal exhibition of the Albisolese artist Paolo Pastorino “Osvaldo landing on Celle”. Son of art, Pastorino seems to have a particular, exclusive familiarity with ceramics, so as to treat it like stone or metal and above all to merge it with his thoughts and make it an imaginary material. Pastorino is an IT entrepreneur and designer who celebrates “more than forty years of multipurpose artistic experiences” and a style based on “a neopop common thread”, supported by contemporary technology and a “playful evocation of youthful heritage”.

The exhibition focuses on Osvaldo, an imaginary character with the features of a curious, funny and sly bunny, who arouses sympathy in the observer. It is the result of a form of inner expression linked to playful adolescent memories, also aimed at invoking a playful ironic key to the object represented through a clay-based reconstruction procedure, subsequently painted in glittering and alluring enamels with the adoption of new chrome plating of ceramics, of which Pastorino makes his workhorse.

Osvaldo is the key to understanding his and his and the works in which he is represented range from ceramics to porystyrene, from canvas to the most recent NFT digital technologies. In short, not the usual art exhibition but a polymorphic event in which poetry, new technologies and a passion for experimentation take shape in an environment full of stimuli and environmental beauties.