Savona, the colored ceramics of Paolo Pastorino on display in the “Artist’s Showcases”

Savona. From 3 December 2020 (inauguration at 10) to 4 January 2021 the “Artist’s windows” of Banca Carige, in Corso Italia 10, host the works of Paolo Pastorino for an exhibition curated by Silvia Bottaro, president of the Cultural Association “Renzo Aiolfi” and art critic.

Pastorino is an IT entrepreneur but his family has always had a dialogue with art with the homonymous artistic ceramics factory in Albisola Superiore. This climate and the meeting with significant artists such as Antonio Saba Telli, Antonio Siri, Mario Rossello, Giorgio Laveri, Luigi Valerisce, Paolo Anselmo and Carlos Carlè made him grow.

He alternates the use of the more classic brush with that of clay, moving on to the airbrush pen, in which he finds his ideal environment for the development of hyper-realistic artistic forms. In the 1990s he broadened his experiments, a common thread that has accompanied him for forty years of artistic experience, making personal use of the computer to express his creativity in digital advertising media.

In the 2000s, with the advent of digital photography, he adopted this fascinating art as a further means of expression and communication. The shaping on the lathe, so ancient and magical in a certain sense, prompted him to take courses from the master potter Marcello Manuzza while for figurative painting he followed the master Attilio Cicala. Lately for the sculpture he pays attention to the artist Ylli Plaka.

Communicating with creativity is his whole horizon and Pastorino investigates, studies, plumbs all the possibilities in a perennial “journey” from design to painting, from photography to ceramic sculpture, up to the avant-garde of 3D clay extrusion printing technology, leaving open the doors to new artistic panoramas, new challenges, new adventures in which to always be yourself.

He does not overlook the playful neopop aspect that characterizes his latest works, always with a view to experimentation, the curiosity to combine art with technology. In 2018 he adhered to the manifesto of the Realvisualism movement and in the following year he founded the Real Visual E (art) h Movement association with 9 other members.