The Savonese artist Paolo Pastorino lands at Milan Fashion Week with his avant-garde ceramics

Savona. There is also Savona at the Milan Fashion Week, one of the most important fashion events in the world, which not only takes part in stylists, but also internationally renowned artists and designers. And among them there is also Paolo Pastorino from Savona, better known as UrbanToi.

Already known for his works of pop-surrealism, this weekend Pastorino exhibited his “Osvaldo” series at Palazzo Barozzi during the Runway Fashion Tour, ironic works of street art with a decidedly colorful character that seek to bring the observer to a state childish, where everything was discovery and amazement.

The works made of fine white ceramic are decorated with avant-garde techniques of chemical processes where the final result captivates the eye for the reflective colors.

Pastorino, son of ceramist parents in the art, began his training right in the family factory in Albisola Superiore, in fact he wanted to bring the ancient art of ceramics to a level
of avant-garde for Urban culture and street art, where the contamination with the French and American Art Toy is the master.

At the event, created in artfriendly with the curator ChiccaArt-collection, three other artists were also present: Zive with his Custom Bodies, the Italian-Jordanian artist Sara Arnaout and the master Bruno Bani with his luminous works.