The “Urbantoi” by Paolo Pastorino arrive in Albisola

Albisola Superiore. Piazza Dante Alighieri in Albisola celebrates the feast of lovers with the works of Paolo Pastorino.

“Osvaldo and urban art in Albisola”, this is the title of the open-air exhibition organized by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Albisola Superiore which will open on Monday 14 February at 4 pm. Paolo Pastorino, artist and designer took part in numerous exhibitions including the Milan city fashion week and again in 2021 he was a guest of the Art3f – Salon international d’art contemporain. For Valentine’s Day, the artist, who recently opened a studio in Albisola, has created some of his cute bunnies that will embellish Piazza Dante. This demonstrates the vivacity of the city of ceramics, always attentive to novelties.

“The enhancement of one of the most central squares of Albisola continues. The artistic restyling had begun in 2020 following the completion of the new roundabout and for the occasion, Paolo Anselmo had exhibited his famous ceramic fish. We are now ready to write a new chapter, with another arista linked to the Albisola area. For Valentine’s Day, Piazza Dante Alighieri will be populated by the iconic bunnies with zoomorphic shapes created by Paolo Pastorino. ‘Osvaldo’ is the name of the cute rabbit born from an artistic project that refers to the current of Toy Art that brings together the experiences of manga, video game and comic book illustrations. An urban furniture project that reconciles the past with new design elements”, said Simona Poggi, councilor for culture of the Municipality of Albisola Superiore.

“I am happy for this event, which thanks to the initiative of the councilor for culture Simona Poggi will have my works as protagonists, which fit well into the context of Piazza Dante. This installation is part of my ‘Urbanto Toy’ project which aims, through an ironic touch of shape and color, to give a moment of enthusiasm and strength in this moment of pandemic discomfort” comments Paolo Pastorino.