“Osvaldo” is a work that explores the psychological dynamics of our relationship with time through the metaphor of the rabbit.

“Bob” is a sculpture that represents the resilience and strength of koalas, created to commemorate the 2021 “Black Summer” fire. Bob brings a message of hope and courage, and reminds us of the beauty of nature and responsibility that we have to take care of it.


“Osvaldo Luxury edition” is a work made with precious materials and handmade, which expresses the quality and excellence of my artistic work.

Each work is made of precious white Albisola ceramic and hand decorated with 24k gold in third fire. The choice of Albisola ceramic and gold was dictated by the desire to create a high quality and luxurious work that can reflect the preciousness of its contents. The white ceramic of Albisola, in fact, is an elegant and refined material, while the 24k gold adds a touch of opulence and brilliance. Furthermore, the hand decoration gives the work a unique and handcrafted look, making it a valuable and valuable work.


This version expresses joy and happiness through the colors of the rainbow.

The Bob Rainbow series is made with bright and lively colors like those of the rainbow. The choice to use the colors of the rainbow for “Bob” was dictated by the desire to convey joy and happiness through the work. Indeed, the rainbow is a symbol of joy and hope, and its bright and vibrant colors represent the beauty and variety of life. In this way, “Bob” in the “Rainbow” version becomes a cheerful and reassuring work, which invites the viewer to look to the future with optimism.