BRICBecause Remember Is Cult, is a work with a retro taste that represents the challenge of putting the pieces together to find a solution to one’s choices, and to explore one’s most hidden thoughts and feelings.

BRIC an artistic puzzle concept

BRIC Luxury

“BRIC Luxury edition” they are works made with precious materials and handcrafted in a limited edition.

BRIC puzzle platino
BRIC puzzle oro gold

Platinum limited edition

Gold limited edition

The work consists of one or more pieces that can be assembled together to form a single image, its opulent appearance invites viewers to get in touch with it and become part of the work itself. The choice of the puzzle as the theme of the work was dictated by the desire to explore the theme of uncertainty and the unconscious, while the use of precious metals represents the search for perfection and completeness. In this way, the viewer is invited to reflect on their own life and choices, and to explore their most hidden thoughts and feelings. The choice of ceramic adds a note of fragility and imperfection, recalling the impermanence and transience of life.

BRIC vintage edition

This version expresses joy and happiness through selected vintage colors.

bric vintage viola
bric vintage rosa
bric vintage celeste
bric vintage verde
bric vintage giallo

The “BRIC vintage edition” series is a tribute to the colors and atmospheres of the 70s and 80s. Made with five carefully selected vintage shades, this work invites the viewer to retrace the memories of an era that has marked recent history. The colors used have been chosen to evoke the emotions and feelings of that period, creating a unique and evocative visual experience.