“Bruno” is a work with a strong emotional and social impact. Through the representation of a white polar bear Bruno reminds us of the importance of protecting endangered species.

Just as the polar bear is a symbol of the Arctic and ongoing climate change, “Bruno” reminds us that we must do more to protect and preserve endangered animal species, and that we must act quickly to mitigate the climate changes. The choice of ceramics is not accidental, due to its characteristics of fragility it can be easily damaged, just like the habitat of the white polar bear, this makes the work even more evocative and makes us reflect on our responsibility in protecting the planet and of its species.


“Bruno Luxury edition” is a work made with precious materials and handmade, which expresses the quality and excellence of my artistic work.

Each work is made of precious white Albisola ceramic and hand decorated with 24k gold in third fire. The choice of Albisola ceramic and gold was dictated by the desire to create a high quality and luxurious work that can reflect the preciousness of its contents. The white ceramic of Albisola, in fact, is an elegant and refined material, while the 24k gold adds a touch of opulence and brilliance. Furthermore, the hand decoration gives the work a unique and handcrafted look, making it a valuable and valuable work.


This version expresses joy and happiness through the colors of the rainbow.

The Bruno Rainbow series is made with bright and lively colors like those of the rainbow. The choice to use the colors of the rainbow for “Bruno” was dictated by the desire to convey joy and happiness through the work. Indeed, the rainbow is a symbol of joy and hope, and its bright and vibrant colors represent the beauty and variety of life. In this way, “Bruno” in the “Rainbow” version becomes a cheerful and reassuring work, which invites the viewer to look to the future with optimism.