paolo pastorino biografia

Paolo Pastorino was born in Savona August 12, 1974 where he lives and works. Son’s of art of painter mother , master potery father and art teacher aunt at the academy of Turin, since baby express his passion and curiosity for painting, drawing and pottery sculpture ( at the age of three years he created his first sculpture in clay ) his artistic development is being shaped in the ceramics factory art of family in Albisola where he attended as a child, with passion and desire insatiable of learn, the artists who the father is home to the factory (Antonio Saba Telli, Antonio Siri, Mario Rossello, Giorgio Laveri, Aldo Pagliaro , Luigi Valerisce, Paolo Anselmo, Eliseo Salino, Carlos Carlè, Giogio Venturino to name a few.) it is this environment full of creative stimuli in direct contact with the artists masters who contribute significantly to its formation and artistic expression.

With the maturation approaches to new artistic forms alternating the use of classical instruments like brush and clay to that of airbrush pen where it finds its ideal environment for the development of artistic iperrealistics forms.
In the early nineties after graduation in Electronics, he combines the computer / electronic university expanding its artistic experiments making use of the computer to express his creativity in digital media advertising. Over the years two thousand is not the advent of digital photography adopts this fascinating art as an additional means of expression and communication.

In recent years he attended courses of improvements for shaping on the lathe turner master Marcello Manuzza, and figurative painting with master Attilio Cicala. At today with a wealth of artistic multipurpose forty years experience, and an eclectic character investigator nature, is always looking for new styles and innovative techniques contamination where to explore new territories expression of his feelings, which constantly offers new applications: from design to painting, to the photo to get to the ceramic sculpture, to the cutting edge of printing technology to 3D extrusion of clay, leaving the doors open for new artistic views.